We knew this but it's time you knew the facts.

Michael Thompson

A recent BBC report has outlined the health benefits of growing and wearing a beard. I won't bore you read what these doctors say here. Not only fashionable but good for you and if you want to take care of it properly you should consider our range.. Thanks for reading and Beard on and Beard strong.    

What products should I choose for my facial hair?

Michael Thompson

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Hello everyone, it has been a while since I posted my last blog. We have been very busy getting the website ready for launch and in a few Christmas markets introducing our range to a very welcoming public. One of the frequently asked questions is, believe it or not, What products should I use on my beard, and I am then invited to inspect the various sized, shaped, thicknesses etc. In response we decided we would put our thoughts on the website as we are not having the benefit of being in front of you to advise you or answer...

Why we used our ingredients in our Beard Oils Beard Balms and Moustache Waxes?

Michael Thompson

One of the questions we are often asked is " Why did you choose the ingredients you use". Well as you may know by now this took a long time and a lot of research and experimentation so here is a run down for you. 1. Castor oil Castor oil increases hair growth, it also calms hair loss. It is a humidicant which means it attracts moisture to avoid dryness of both hair and skin. It is wonderful for skin and is slowly absorbed due to it viscosity.....which is a good thing. 2.Sweet almond oil Sweet Almond oil has a...