Natural Soaps

Manmane offer a collection of natural soaps for many uses. We offer general use Shower and Bath soaps and in addition a range of specific use soaps eg Face skin cleansing soaps, fragrance free soap, Beard conditioning and shaving soap etc. All the soaps are 100% Natural, Cruelty free, Ethically sourced and Vegan. The packaging is in line with our non plastic, zero waste policy . All glycerine naturally formed during the production process is left within the soap bar and not syphoned off to sell on to the cosmetic industry. The packaging is recycled and recyclable including recyclable labels. Take a look around there are soaps for everyone and every skin type. Finally we offer soap racks and accessories to make sure you get the best performance out of your Manmane long lasting natural soaps. All the soaps are approximately 98 grams in weight.