COVID-19 Protect your self and the benefits of soap and handwashing.

Michael Thompson

The whole world seems to be under attack at the moment from the spread and effect of the COVID-19 outbreak. The U.K Government, like many governments around the world are setting out strict rules to restrict the spread by increasing social distancing etc. The whole situation and how it will affect us in the future is unclear, as there is so little knowledge about this contagion.

In times like this it is important to act to protect ourselves and others with the knowledge we have. What do we know? This is highly contagious, it is not thought to be airborne, that is to say, you have to be in close proximity emitting droplets by sneezing or coughing. The theory is if you are at least two metres away from a person that is contagious the oral/nasal emissions shouldn't reach you. However, it seems to me that it may be prudent to engage in a 'just in-case' scenario and that's why hand washing is so crucial.

The whole world is in frenzy to try and purchase Hand sanitiser, and indeed these are highly effective and crucial in medical and care environments as a quick solution. They are also effective in the domestic environment, but they can be drying because of the high alcohol content, especially when used at the frequency in which the guidelines dictate.

Soap washing is also drying, to less of an extent but, still has that issue. However, to understand how soap is better in the domestic setting, we first of all need to understand the virus. The virus is like a ball bearing with spikes protruding to carry out its evil mission. What protects the virus is a thick layer of fatty matter known as lipids, if you remove that you can kill the virus. How will washing your hands kill it? the best way to explain this is...Have you tried to wash a frying pan or skillet using cold water? It cant be done effectively. To remove the fat you need hot water and detergent. The same is true with hand washing with warm/hot water.

By washing your hands using bar soap under hot running water ( as hot as you can stand ) for 20 seconds at least, it will reduce the virus threat dramatically and remains the number one method to disinfect your hands. There are many videos to show you how to do this properly and this is my favourite.

Doing this will reduce the likelihood of cross contamination. As mentioned before, hand washing with a natural soap bar can be drying but certainly less drying than the high alcohol hand sanitisers that are so in demand lately. With that in mind, a post wash skin treatment is also advisable. What that will do is moisturise your skin and in some cases leave a thin protective layer of anti bacterial material.

At Manmane, we have all the products you require. Each of our soaps are Natural and free of any parabens such as SLS that can damage your skin and many have anti-microbial essential oils within them. As far as finishing off your hand washing routine, we have a range of salves, but the two that stand out are our Hand salve and foot salve, both of which can be used on hands . The hand salves contain Lavender, Lemongrass among others that are widely reported as being effective antibacterial oils. The Foot salves contain Peppermint, Eucalyptus and Lavender. Both smell gorgeous too, but most importantly form a barrier just in case you touch something that has microbes on it.

The salves are also full of organic ingredients and enriched with Rosehip and Argan oil which are legendary for their skin healing and moisturising properties. With all that in mind and to help make it more affordable here at Manmane, we have put a package together using promo code CLEANHANDS. If you add a natural soap ( here is a couple of suggestions to help with COVID-19)

to your checkout and then a salve you will get 25% off the salve of your choice eg reducing the salve from £10 to £7.50 e.g


. The reason we have done this, is to encourage people to by the complete hand washing routine whilst effectively paying for your shipping. if your checkout contains more that £29 after discount, then its all shipped free. This is a perfect way to keep yourself , your family and your friends as safe as possible whilst COVID-19 is around. The soap as long as air dried on a rack etc .e.g

will serve you for many hand washes and the salve will last a family of four at least a month and an individual 3 months plus, as it is so intensive. Our advice is to start off with an extremely small amount and let your skin do the talking. You can then use more or less, depending on your skin type. The salves come in an easily portable metal slide top tin so you can maintain your routine if you need to away from home.

Affordability has never been better as we have partnered up with Clearpay to offer our customers the option to pay over 6 weeks. 25% at time of purchase and then 25% the next 3 fortnights and all interest free . This may be especially helpful at this time, in order to make sure our customers stay safe and buy the products that will help them stay that way.

So take a look at our soaps and salves at and take advantage of the package offer. Lastly #staysafe and #bekind look after yourselves and together we will come out of this stronger. The NHS especially, but all key workers are putting their health at risk to help others and I am sure you will join us at Manmane in thanking them and saluting their selfless efforts.

Kindest regards

Mike and Kirsty x