So Who are we?

Manmane has been a concept worked upon by the founder Michael Thompson since 2013. We are finally opening in November 2015 after a long tweaking period. Michael combined his passion for nature and cooking and put them to good use creating our concoctions.

We sell plant based beard products because there is basically no good reason to include animal derived products in your formulations. Mike has sported a beard on and off for many years and recently turned Vegan. This was a personal choice based upon his personal beliefs, his partner Kirsty is a "normal diet" person and they live together happily. Mike's simple message is if you can use plants to replace animal derived products Why wouldn't you? Non Vegans are very

We are based in Swansea Wales UK. We are situated between Blackpill ( made famous by Dylan Thomas) and a lovely village called "The Mumbles" just at the start of the beautiful Gower peninsula. Every morning we take inspiration from the fantastic view we have of Swansea Bay. We hand pour all are Beard oil , Beard Balm  and Moustache wax and make it in very small batches from scratch. We have had all are products put through a proper Cosmetic product assessment which is a legal requirement in the EU. All our products have been properly placed on the EUs Cosmetic portal again a requirement before it can be produced and sold.

We are a Company that is run every day with good ethics at the centre of our every action. We believe after a lot of perfecting and tweaking of our product formulations over a long period of time has resulted in a fantastic range. I hope you take a look around and find something for yourself or your loved ones. If you have any questions please drop us a line in anyway you wish using , but in the meantime thank you for taking the time to find out about us and we wish you all the best.


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  • Phone.  :    01792 937028
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  •                   27, Warwick Place,Swansea, Wales, UK SA35JG.
  • Company Reg Number : 08564547 registered in England & Wales