Satya incense, How to use, and the ethical reasons we chose Satya.

Michael Thompson

Incense has been used for many years for therapeutic, religious and for a living space perfume and enhancing reasons. Each incense stick is basically a combustible wood ,e.g Sandalwood etc, putty rolled around a bamboo stick. The wood putty is made of finely powdered wood mixed carefully with barks, herbs, florals and other botanicals and a perfume agent. It can be formed into cones or pillars also. These little pieces of joy have given us both so much joy and enjoyment during the lockdowns recently, at a time when our living space and its balance, atmosphere and scent have became so important.

Now...Stop press... not all incense is made the same. Some use synthetic ingredients, fragrance, chemical burning Accelerants and enhancers. They are also made all over the world but it is widely agreed India and Japan are in many ways the leaders in this field. We chose the Indian company Satya.

Why did we pick Satya?, well it comes down to the ingredients they use, how its made and their all round reputation from an environmental and ethical point of view. We are a Vegan owned company and the previously mentioned qualities are very important to us and Satya ticked every box. Let me show you a green certificate issued to Satya after a careful unbiased inspection.


As you can see the manufacturer is very open to scrutiny of its ethical credentials. In addition to the information on the certificate the company has confirmed to us that the end product is provided in recycled card , they operate a zero child labour policy, all elements of the final product are biodegradable and zero waste, all ingredients are fair trade and their work force who hand roll the products are paid fairly and work in a clean and safe space.

This is why Satya is our chosen partner for incense. The ingredients are natural and largely non toxic. All the classic nasties, as you can see from the certificate, are not present after ignition. We do recommend that if you suffer from asthma or other respiratory complaints the light smoke stream MAY irritate, however, the emissions are a super light as compared to cigarette smoke etc. In addition it wont set off your smoke alarm ( unless you wave the incense directly underneath it).

As I said before not all incense are made the same ,but, you can be rest assured that our Satya incense products are as good as they get. They also out perform other products in terms of burn time with some burning for an hour or more. In addition the "linger time" is significant with medium linger for 4+ hours and mild linger all day in some cases.

You can buy Satya incense from us knowing it is genuine Satya as we buy directly from their UK distributor network who import it direct from the manufacturing factory based in Bangalore, India. Like everything that's popular and high quality they are "duped" but Satya I am sure takes that as a compliment.

If you want to find out about our Satya range and each scents properties please check out our product page

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Have a great day and Namaste

Mike & Kirsty.