What products should I choose for my facial hair?

Michael Thompson

Hello everyone, it has been a while since I posted my last blog. We have been very busy getting the website ready for launch and in a few Christmas markets introducing our range to a very welcoming public.

One of the frequently asked questions is, believe it or not, What products should I use on my beard, and I am then invited to inspect the various sized, shaped, thicknesses etc. In response we decided we would put our thoughts on the website as we are not having the benefit of being in front of you to advise you or answer your questions.

First thing Oil or Balm?

Well this depends on two things 1. The length and thickness of your Beard. 2. The type of hair you have within your beard. To address point 1 it is worthwhile pointing out that if your beard looks like this or thicker

 and longer we would recommend a Beard balm. Beard balms have beneficial , relevant waxes to create a level of hold that the majority of men would find desirable as it gives a sharper more professional look. In our case we add Carnauba and Jojoba waxes. The Carnauba wax gives shine and hold the Jojoba wax nutrition, protection and hold. We chose these two waxes because they are 100% plant based and ethical and we use the organic variety, something that makes us differ from most manufacturers of male grooming products. If you take a look at the photograph above you will get the picture.

If your is facial hair is shorter eg anything from a "5 o'clock " shadow to a little shorter than the photograph then you should consider Beard oil. This is also true if your beard is longer but you don't want the hold we refer too and want to remain in touch with your wild side. A Beard oil is a wonderful addition to your daily routine as it 1. Softens your beard 2. Makes your beard smell nice 3. Feeds you beard 4. Feeds the skin underneath your beard and reduces hair loss and encourages hair growth. Our beard oils have been formulated over an 18 month period so we could create a perfect balance of nutritional oils. Please take a look at my previous blog which discusses why we chose the oils we did.

Another thing to consider is why we call our beard oils " Beard conditioning and Shave oil" , the naming of the product was intentional to fully describe its many assets. Every bearded man from time to time makes the decision to shave off his pride and joy. If you do this or have never had a beard our oils are still highly beneficial. Place about 4 drops of Beard oil in the palm of your hand, rub in to the skin and stubble ,wait a couple a minutes ( you could brush your teeth or something) then place your soap or foam on top. Your skin has already had nutrition, but the hair your about send down the plug hole would have softened and therefore will be ease to cut. The beard oil will also increase slide and decrease injury and razor burn. If for some reason you do injury yourself or are susceptible to razor burn the skin should heal quicker because the beard oil ( that has already soaked in) has a healing quality too.

The second point was the type of hair in your beard. Everyone's hair is different and your beard is no exception. If your beard has very curly flyway hair, even when short , beard oil may control it but it is likely that balm is the only answer for the reasons discussed previously. Equally you may have very straight hair which means you can have it longer with out needing any more than the nutritional qualities of Beard Oil. The look you choose is up to you ,we can only offer advice based on our personal experience and the experiences fedback to us from our customers.

The last point to consider ( as you might have guessed ) is how much of a feature and what length you want your moustache. A lot of men use the same length setting on their beard cutters or instructs their barber to do so and this is quite common. The moustache on others is a chance to make a statement, a chance to express themselves and their personality. For this you will need a good moustache or "Tash " wax. There are many on the market ranging from cheap " glue" like waxes which pull out hair and are hard to wash out to products like ours. It has taken a long time to create our "Tash" wax the combination of ingredients if applied correctly gives "slide" on application, gives a nice medium hold after one application and washes out either using warm water or a few drops of our oil if your on the move.

The way you use moustache wax and the way your moustache looks is up to you. It's the facial hair equivalent of furnishing your home, a way of expressing yourself . When applying our moustache wax for a medium hold use a tiny ball baring size bead, warm it in between your fingers and thumbs and apply nose to tip. Medium hold will give you a traditional look. If you wish to be flamboyant like Mr Dali pictured above then re apply as many times as you wish. Obviously the "one length" all over guys will not require wax at all. 

We hope you have found this useful and informative. As previously stated when we encounter customers face to face, men and women, this is the number one question asked and as we are not there in person to help you make the right choice ,this blog should help at least. As you are here why not take a look at our range of oils, balms, and other blogs. You will also find accessories to perfect that facial hair. Every one of our products are well thought out and ethical in every way 100% Organic base ingredients , 100% Natural and 100% Plant based . Thanks for taking time to read our guide to the products you should consider to take care of your beard. If you have any questions please email Thankyou.