Manmane " The Zesty one " 'Tash Taming' Moustache wax 15g



Like all our products 'Tash Tamer' Moustache wax is handcrafted using the finest 100% Natural ingredients , 100% Organic base ingredients and are 100% Vegan friendly. We use Jojoba Wax and Carnauba wax which are both derived from plants. Jojoba Wax is structurally very simular to human sebum which is the skins natural protection. It is non toxic and nutritionally rich with Vitamin E and a collection of other beneficial natural minerals and fights against free radicals that are thought to contribute towards some chronic ailments. This combined with Carnauba wax feeds your hair, softens it effectively ,whilst giving it a subtle shine. Combined with the other organic base ingredients it provides benefits both to the hair and the skin underneath .  'The Zesty one' has been carefully scented with an essential oil blend of Bergamot, Grapefruit and Ylang Ylang extra to give it a pleasant nose pleasing aroma. Think Mediterranean garden in the height of summer.It has been blended with a view to compliment and not to over power your primary scent choice but can easily be used on its own. The 'Tash tamer' refers to its ability to tame your moustache hair whilst giving it a medium hold . Further applications will give a firmer hold if required. Just scrape a small pea size amount out on the back of your thumb nail ( hands must be dry) and then share the wax between both hands and melt between your thumbs and forefingers. Apply and massage in gently from nose through to the tip of your dry moustache  and then comb through. For a final flourish use a hair dryer and comb through with a final upward flick on the ends. The product will then harden back after a small period of time. Apply a second time if required.....Your the boss. For optimal performance keep at room temperature or in your pocket if your on the go and store in a dark place.


Hydrogenated Jojoba oil ( Jojoba Wax)

Butyrospermum Parkii butter ( Shea Butter)

Copernicia cerifera cera ( Carnauba wax)

Cocos nucifera oil ( Coconut oil)

Tocopherol ( Vitamin E )

Essential oil blend: Bergamot, Grapefruit and Ylang Ylang extra

*** Suitable for Vegans ***

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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews

I've been looking a while for vegan wax and finally stumbled across this. Love this consistency blend. Workable and strong hold. Smells great. Very happy 😁

The Best

I discovered I am allergic to beeswax, so almost all the other moustache waxes are a no go. I began my journey into the world of beeswax free moustache waxes, believing I would find something not as versatile as your higher end beeswax products. Then I found Manmane! I’m seriously impressed with not only the wax but the different scents on offer and the tin design. It’s easy to slide the tin open, scrape a bit of wax out with a finger nail, melt it between your fingers and apply it. Much easier than other products I’ve used and doesn’t tug at your hairs so much. The hold is more than adequate if you’re going for a more natural look and wish to keep the hairs out of your mouth when eating food. I can’t speak to styles of which have the sides curled up but it definitely feels like a soft to medium hold. I’ve found my product for life :)

Thank you so much Alexander for taking the time and sharing your kind words...makes it all worthwhile