Manmane " Gower Breeze " Aromatic Candle 250ml Cruelty free & Vegan



Manmane Ltd are proud to offer our range of Aromatic scented candles. Each candle has a well thought out blended fragrance and there is at least one to cater for everyone's taste . They feature fragrances to create whatever mood or atmosphere you desire for your favourite place.....your home. They are presented in a vintage, industrial style tin container ideal to compliment today's home styling trends. Which ever one you decide to choose please feel confident that every candle conforms to Manmane's strong ethical stance as follows

* They use cotton wicks

* The wicks contain and are coated with plant based wax

* We only use Non GMO Eco Soy Wax , again plant based and contain no petrochemicals.

* We only use cruelty free fragrance oils sourced within the UK/EU for our blends.

* They are Vegan friendly

* Our beautiful tin containers can be easily up-cycled after the candle has been used.

" Gower Breeze " is a fragrance inspired by our surroundings here at the Gower Peninsula in Swansea, South Wales. Light up the candle and take in a wonderful aroma that will take you to the seas edge while you take in the Beach and Bay that surrounds you. It is fresh, airy with base notes of Patchouli and amber. This will brighten your homes atmosphere and fill it with a mind clearing, clean and ozonic fragrance.


To get the best out of your candles please make sure you adhere to the following :-

When you burn the candle for the first time make sure you allow time for the candle wax to melt a pool that touches the container sides. The memory effect of the wax will then ensure a good scent throw for the life of the candle and decrease waste.

Don't cut the wick unless you really have to. Please read the safety label for a guide. If you cut it too short the flame may be "drowned " by the melted wax, this could also cause candle "tunnelling" which is very wasteful.

When "blown out" cover the candle when the wick has stopped smoking. The lid will then ensure the fragrance stays fresh and not contaminated by smoke from the wick.