"INXFIX" Tattoo Conditioning salve and Reviver



This salve has been formulated to condition tattooed skin and revive the colours and edge detail. Your skin will certainly do a wonderful job of healing an inked area after professional tattoo body artwork , however, it is a fact that the area will need regular care to maintain their beauty.

Our salves contain Jojoba wax which is natures closest match to your skins natural oil called sebum. This creates a healthy balance within and underneath your top skin layer the Epidermus.  Carnauba wax was added to add vibrancy to the and sheen to your body art. The wax has been used in polishes for the car and wood industry for many years and along with this wonderful benefit it is harmless , 100% Natural and plant based so again working with nature not against it.

Organic Shea butter is a fantastic moisturizing properties and is known to treat itching and reduce the need to as well as treating small skin wounds and damaged skin....sound familiar?. The "INXFIX" salves also contain Coconut oil. Coconut oil is naturally antifungal and antibacterial so ideal for the use intended. it also adds to the satisfying aroma of the "INXFIX" salves.

The salves are also enriched by the precious oils Argan and Rosehip both of which ...you guessed it ...are certified organic and of the highest quality ( we don't skimp on much cheaper non organic versions). Argan oil is known as a "Dry" oil and is easily and quickly absorbed to lightly moisturise the tattooed area particularly any dry patches which often result after tattoo work. It will also help to settle any acne issues that may be present with daily use. Organic Rosehip oil is wonderful for dehydrated skin and has legendary anti-aging properties thats why it was a no brainer to enrich our salves across the range with it. It also helps to balance out any colour imbalances in the skin areas untouched by ink. The tone of your skin will also benefit from this oil and it is a powerhouse in antioxidants that fight free radicals which can cause skin ailments both at the skin surface and underneath. All in all we would like to assure you the "INXFIX" salves are well thought out and will be of great benefit and we offer it as a contender for the best out there ( trust me we have sampled many market leaders). 

Our "INXFIX" salves also offer great value for money with a competitive price and because they are so intensive a little goes a long way . We recommend your start off using a small amount and step up or down accordingly. Don't worry you don't need a chemistry degree to work this out your skin will tell you with it absorption time. One 40 g tin will be your friend for 4-12 months depending on your skin type. Each salve is presented in a convenient slide tin which is easily opened . It is also perfectly sized for coat pockets or handbags.

The "INXFIX" salves come in two beautiful unisex scents. The essential oils were picked not only for their smell but for their properties. Both blends are designed to be antibacterial and anti-fungal but will work in tandem with the base oils as they share skin care properties.

"Free Spirit" scent contains :-

Patchouli, Sandalwood and Lemograss

"Egyptian Rose" scent contains :-

Geranium Rose, Clarey Sage and Lemongrass

Please note: As with all skin products please patch test initially. DO NOT apply to unhealed freshly tattooed skin. DO NOT use around the eyes or mucous membranes.

In conjunction with our entire grooming and cosmetics range the salves are Cosmetic safety tested by a qualified UK chemist and registered on the EU cosmetic notification portal. Both of these are required to comply with UK and EU legislation and necessary before a cosmetic allowed to be offered for sale to the general public. Manmane Ltd takes this very seriously and you can buy with confidence.

Why not add one of these beauties to your basket today? you will not regret it and feel / see the difference instantly .


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Highly recommended for anyone that wants to look good ,care for themselves and the planet.