Manmane Black Detox Ethical & 100% Natural skin rejuvinating Soap bar



This fantastic soap is a powerhouse for the skin. it contains activated charcoal powder that absorbs nasty toxins from the skin. These toxins can dull and age the skin prematurally so in a nutshell it gives your skin an MOT. Scented with essential oils, Lime which has uplifting and antioxidant qualities and a herby rosemary base to add to the mentally stimulating effect.  This product is part of a collection of soaps that we offer and ALL of which are 100% plant based and natural. They are also glycerine rich and are therefore very luxurious, as the glycerine is not separated to sell profitably to the cosmetic marketplace which is common practice. The bar will lather readily and also enhance your washing experience without the unnecessary 'nasty' chemicals as listed below. Our soaps are long lasting, cost effective and perfect for individuals who are ethically minded.

Why not add one to your basket today at the special launch price?


Please Note: The natural soaps we offer need to be correctly aired and drained. For this reason we offer a collection of wooden racks for this purpose and in addition accessories that will further enhance your washing experience. You will find them in this section so please take a look .


Zero Palm Oil

Zero Parabens, Triclosan and Phthalates

Zero SLS

Zero Plastic or Plastic beads

Zero Waste

100% Cruelty Free, not tested on animals and are completely vegan friendly

We also provide 100% recyclable and recycled packaging, including the labels.


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