Manmane Apothecary Pure Essential Oil 10ml



The power , benefits and properties of Pure Essential oils can not be understated. We have our own range of our favourite and most useful pure plant based oil. They can be used at 2-5% concentration by weight in an appropriate carrier oil e.g Grapeseed or Jojoba etc for the ultimate therapeutic massage oil and can also be used for your homemade skincare products/ gifts . Please be careful to keep to the concentrations suggested as these essential oils are very powerful and should never be applied to skin at higher concentrations, however, please research your own safe formulations there is plenty of information on the internet and most important of all have fun doing it.

At Manmane we are all about natural , plant based and eco-friendly . That why we see the Essential oils as fantastic home scenting products. 1. They have a powerful scent profile 2. They have properties that can effect the air you breath, your health and mental well being something you will never get from even the finest fragrance oils. 3. Using a warmer they are the most eco-friendly and ethical way to scent your home. 

Often blended together to create a unique scent of your own creation they can be used singularly if you prefer that one special scent e.g Lavender etc. So what makes these an eco-friendly way to scent your home....well its simply the method as follows.

1. 2/3rds fill the bowl of a melt warmer with water ( any water will do)

2. Add up to 12 drops or 12 drops of your favourite combination of oils .

3. Place a lit tealight in the cavity underneath the warmers bowl like you would while melting melts. 

4. Wait for the water to reach temperature and then enjoy the beautiful scent as the water and essential oils evaporate and permeate the air in your home.

5. Do not allow the bowl contents to completely evaporate as a dry warmer can soon become a cracked warmer and you don't want that.

6. Finally dispose of the metal shell of the tealight into your recycling and the bowl just needs to be wiped ( no chipping away at used wax and all that mess and addition to landfill)

Your only limited by your imagination and taste when choosing your favourite essential oils or oils blend recipes but please read the guide below to help you make an informed choice. Happy creating !!!.


Lemongrass - TOP NOTE - Citrus scent profile which is wonderful to recover from physical or mental exhaustion.

Eucalyptus - TOP/MIDDLE NOTE Fresh/ Medicinal scent profile a fantastic air cleanser and helps with respiratory issues e.g if you have a cold etc

Scotch Pine - TOP NOTE Woodsy/Earthy scent profile and will aid with Fatigue and Mental exhaustion.

Lavender - TOP/MIDDLE NOTE Floral/ Sweet and Herbaceous great if your suffering with Anxiety or Deperssion , Stress or Headache.

Patchouli - BASE NOTE Rich and earthy scent profile can help with Stress has powerful aphrodisiac properties but in addition is very balancing to your state of mind.

Clove Leaf - MIDDLE NOTE Woodsy, strong and spicy scent profile which will lift moods and clear minds for focus in thought.

Lime - TOP NOTE Citrusy, sweet and tart scent profile wonderful for lifting spirits, clearing and purifying air and energising .

TEA TREE- MIDDLE NOTE Fresh, Medicinal and Herbaceous scent profile great antiseptic properties , general freshener and very stimulating.

YLANG YLANG III- BASE NOTE Floral, Fruity, Fragrant yet delicate. Powerful aphrodisiac , stress reliever and uplifter.

PEPPERMINT - TOP NOTE  Fresh and Minty scent profile as you would expect. Freshens air, combats exhaustion and highly stimulating.

Each Essential oil has a wonderful scent and its own individual benefits but you may want to consider experimenting with a blend of your own. If this is the case you are advised to pick at least two oils but preferably 3 from each Note profile eg Lime TOP-Lavender MIDDLE-Ylang Ylang BASE might be a nice blend...have some creative fun.