Manmane " The Dark Arts " Aromatic Candle 250ml Cruelty free & Vegan



Manmane Ltd are proud to offer our range of Aromatic scented candles. Each candle has a well thought out blended fragrance and there is at least one to cater for everyone's taste . They feature fragrances to create whatever mood or atmosphere you desire for your favourite place.....your home. They are presented in a vintage, industrial style tin container ideal to compliment today's home styling trends. Which ever one you decide to choose please feel confident that every candle conforms to Manmane's strong ethical stance as follows

* They use cotton wicks

* The wicks contain and are coated with plant based wax

* We only use Non GMO Eco Soy Wax , again plant based and contain no petrochemicals.

* We only use cruelty free fragrance oils sourced within the UK/EU for our blends.

* They are Vegan friendly

* Our beautiful tin containers can be easily up-cycled after the candle has been used.

" The Dark Arts " is a stunning fragrance which is perfect for creating a ambience perfect for dark nights , dinner parties but also makes a great everyday scent. It combines a balanced aroma using woody,floral and spicy perfume notes. Top end you have ginger and clove. At the heart of the fragrance Ylang Ylang and forest berries. And all this sits on a earthy/woody base of vetiver , musky Patchouli and subtle sandlewood . This loved universely across age and gender.

Light up, sit back and ENJOY!!!

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