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Satya incense sticks are a global favourite amongst incense lovers and "newbie" consumers curious about their scents and effects. At Manmane we have used them for years filling our space with atmosphere and beautiful scent.

Incense has been used for 1000's of years both in religion and at home for various reasons. The Satya sticks are simply bamboo sticks coated by hand rolling with a mix of wood, herbs, resins and floral elements and then dried for igniting when required. Our Satya incense range are:-






Instructions & Safety

They are so simple to use and each one has an individual scent and therapeutic purpose so there are number of choices for everyone.

Once removed from the packaging securely place in a suitable holder (like our Chakra wooden holders) . Then, with care, light the incense covered end of the stick and once alight let burn for up to 10 seconds to establish a good even smoulder. Finally extinguish any flame by lightly blowing on the ignited end. The key is to create a constant flow of scent and energy. Finally make efforts to ensure good air flow by opening some windows and internal doors but try to minimise draughts and other fast air movements. You can enjoy whilst, relaxing or being productive in equal measure.....thats up to you.

Do not leave unattended for long periods of time. Keep sticks out of reach of children and pets. Do not injest. Finally store in a cool, dark dry place like a drawer to maximise performance. 

Each stick will burn for between 35-50 minutes approx and there are approx 12 sticks per pack so they offer great value for money. The scent will linger for hours after use , the linger duration will depend on which scent you choose. 

So Which Satya incense stick varieties are right for me?

Well that's up to you however without boring you (hopefully) we will summarise each incense varieties qualities. You can see what the 15g packs look like by dropping down to your favoured scents in  the drop down menu by "Add to cart". 

Lavender- Scent: Floral Clean.   Creates: A Relaxed atmosphere. Try burning before you retire for the day.

Oodh - Scent: Musky, Woodsy and Resinous.  Creates: Mental Clarity whilst being calmative. Also Aphrodisiac . Oudh is a rare resin used in perfumery.

Palo Santo- Scent: Woodsy with zesty and mild minty notes. Creates: a cleansed environment both in terms of mood and comfort. Translated as "Holy wood" the sticks can be held and used to cleanse objects or individuals to remove negativity.

Opium- Scent: Sweet, Heady and Striking.  Creates: A relaxed yet exciting environment for social gatherings, intimate nights in or when all important "ME" time is required.

Patchouli- Scent: Heady, Spicy  Creates: A good air freshener but remaining ambient for parties both inside and out. Patchouli is also an insect repellent. The scent is a favourite amongst nostalgia lovers. It is also a powerful money positive incense ( so they say).

Karma- Scent: Inspiring, crisp and serene Creates: An atmosphere perfect for moments decisive thoughts are required by inspiring positive thoughts . This a favourite here on taxing days.

Dragons Blood- Scent: Earthy, Powerful and Masculine but loved by both sexes. Creates: Helps to strengthen and protect your mental well being and strength. This in turn will energise you and banish negativity,

Musk- Scent: Exactly what you would expect, deep and animalistic. Creates: A Beautifully relaxed and perfumed environment for socialising . The smell is divine and a credit to any living space. Where first impressions are important this is a winner.

Namaste- Scent: Rich, powerful, welcoming. Creates: A pleasing social environment where friend making is a breeze. The indian culture use it for festivities and for adding a happy atmosphere to large social gatherings.

Rose- Scent: Floral, Sweet enticing Creates: A feeling of reduced anxiety/ depression and can help with hormone imbalances. Although enjoyed by both sexes this is a favourite for ladies.

Spiritual Healing- Scent: Floral and intense. Creates: A balanced atmosphere addressing any imbalances that may exist with regards to mood and clarity.

Sandalwood- Scent: Woodsy, cologne like, pleasing. Creates: An atmosphere to eradicate feelings of irritability, annoyance or aggression.  Used by monks around thge world to aid meditation and profound relaxation.

Reiki - Scent: Sweet, Floral and comforting. Creates: A healing atmosphere and supports emotional well being. It can be used during times of ill health or when your physically feeling under the weather by lifting your spirits.

Champa- Scent: Spicy, potent with subtle floral notes. Creates: An ambient calm environment where mental clarity and balance is required. In basic terms if you have a mental task to undertake but you cant focus or you dont feel up to it. Personally I use this when doing paperwork for our business.

Aaruda - Scent: Floral and deeply herbaceous. Creates: A cleansing, detoxifying effect as it is a natural disinfectant. Used in many countries as a laundry addition because of its pleasing smell. This one is not to be used by pregnant women because of its power. 

Superhit - Scent: Resinous, Bright with Cocoa background note. Creates: A positive and uplifting atmosphere with its mood enhancing fragrance and properties. One of our favourites especially in the morning.

Divine Karma - Harmonising, Airy, Heavenly. Creates: A calming atmosphere that is great for study, yoga, meditation or anything requiring focus.

Nag Champa - Woody, resinous , powerful. Creates: A Bright mood, Focus and Energy, this scent is the global favourite and has been a favourite in India every since it was created...simply intoxicating.

Greetings- Sweet/ Woody with Spice elements. Creates: A welcoming environment when people visit your home or loved ones are about to return. A beautiful treat for your nose that lingers well after the fame is extinguished.

So why not pick up some today. You may have experience and know your favourites or curiosity may lead you to a new enjoyable experience. If you are still reading this then thank you for your patience and hopefully you have enough information to make the right choice(s) for you and your home.







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